Mining & IT Industry Denizen, Petrolhead, Music nut, Bookworm, Queenslander. Ironclad Pragmatist. Inveterate Curmudgeon.

Twitter: @sjb351

This blog promises to be irregular in timing and length, varied in subject, and definite in its intent in any particular instance. I have no cool emotional problems with which I will deign to enthrall you, so rest easy on that point. There is a chance it may be funny, however this is something with which people who know me may choose to contend. Which is why I am not giving them the URL. Whilst I intend to keep things mercifully brief in relative terms, I have been known to run off at the keyboard, hence there might be times when a nice cup of tea and a bikkie are requisite to reading it, should you deign to do so at all. I like writing, and I may indulge myself overmuch on occasion. For this I would truly like to be sorry. However.

I welcome all feedback and comments of every colour. I find profanity in this context rather pointless but value the candour it conveys.

I would say “enjoy”, but I can’t help feeling that would be egotistical.

  1. Lucinda says:

    hmmmm….I followed the bread crumbs through the jungle over to your hobble. I love it. I am pinning it to the donkey’s arse on my favs and plan to read more. You are heeelarious. I followed you over here after reading your “short” reply to Kristen’s blog.


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