Disparate Thoughts.

Posted: 31/07/2013 in General

Just a few random thoughts, pent up this last year or so.

1. Technical people can be wrong, no matter how many letters they have after their name. Don’t afford people credibility just because they use big words and tell you they’re right. Make them prove it to you. No matter who they are.

2. Cosmetics companies deliberately set out to confuse and lie to women. Mercilessly. Things having been “Lab Tested” and “Scientifically Studied” are not recommendations – so has the Ebola virus.

3. You do not get to tell people in other countries how to live no matter how much you don’t like it, any more than they get to tell us how to live. Don’t be so damn arrogant.

4. Disliking a particular woman or even group of women is not automatically misogyny.

5. Anyone who thinks protecting someone’s right to own a gun takes absolute precedence over protecting the lives of people does not deserve to own a gun. This is merely a specific example of the general axiom “Zealots should not be given power”.

6. Theoretical physicists are idiots who make it up as they go along. God will enjoy kicking them in the nuts most of all come judgement day, I can’t help feeling.

7. “Consensus” in no way equates to “Accuracy”.

8. Companies should not buy retail computer equipment on which to run their businesses for the very same reasons you should not commute between cities in an ultralight.

9. Physics is always right. So, find out what physics is going to do in any given situation, and you too will always be right. And potentially a lot less dead.

10. The main problem with skydiving is not the possibility of dying. It is that once you discover your ‘chute will not open and you’re going to die, you have all that time on the way down to contemplate the inescapable fact that just a short time before your feet were safely on the ground and you voluntarily got into an aircraft and jumped out you idiot.

11. The road toll is high because of driver incompetence and nothing else. Saving mechanical failure and medical problems, all other causes tie back to this.

12. I find it incongruous and unacceptable that trama doctors fight until the last second to save the lives of people horribly smashed to bits in accidents and wars and yet we tell cancer patients that nothing can be done for them literally months away from their deaths. The saving of every human life should be an emergency right up until the last minute.

13. Marketing is there to manipulate you. That is what it is for. Bear that in mind from now on every time you see advertising of any kind.

14. The dividing line between education and indoctrination is where the majority of the benefit lies. If the majority of the benefit from the process goes to the “educator”, it is indoctrination.

15. There are an increasing number of people in the world who think that there is no such thing as “Wrong” and that everyone should be able to do whatever they like and get whatever they like just because they want it.

16. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation DO matter. Without a uniform way of communicating, communication begins to break down. Apostrophes in plurals are the thin end of the wedge and the wedge should be shoved right up the clacker of anyone who uses apostrophes in plurals. Also, they’re there their your you’re yaw yore it’s not that bloody hard.

17. Once you realise that politicians do pretty much everything purely to retain power, the world swims into focus.

18. People who abdicate their personal responsibility for their own safety and instead demand their right to be safe irrespective of what they do should have their error reinforced to them when they come to grief instead of being allowed to think they are the victim.

19. People might be entitled to their opinions, but that in fact does not say anything about the quality of those opinions.

20. There should be a very clear (legislated) and overt delineation between factual reporting and interpretation or opinion in the media, and any media organisation getting their facts wrong should be penalised.

21. Literacy, numeracy, geography, history, and science should be at the forefront of education. There’s no point churning out generation after generation of people who can’t think for themselves and communicate properly.

I feel better now.

  1. Shane Kerr says:

    Number 20 is absolutely true. I have thought this myself for a long time now.
    Just look at how newspaper stories were written in the 1920s. A brief and accurate run down of the facts and little else. Perfect! And in this day and age, where we all suffer from information overload, helpful as well.

  2. Did you come up with these yourself or were some liberated from other sources?

    In any case, they are great. I agree with most of them; think some are above-and-beyond good; and you will probably know which one I disagree with. As far as the disagreement goes though – you know my position, I know yours – move along… nothing to see here 🙂

    I am going to steal some of them to repost on Facebook though 🙂

  3. sjb351 says:

    Shane – thanks.

    Jai – steal away, no problem.
    I wrote (thunk) them all myself. Just things that have been rattling around.
    The one you disagree with was a comment on personality more than anything. Maybe take another look at it in that light. But like you say, no big deal.

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