Just Briefly: The Legacy Of A Life

Posted: 13/11/2010 in General, Quick Thoughts

Google’s doodle today commemorates the 160th anniversary of Robert Louis Stevenson’s birth. The popup text reads simply “Robert Louis Stevenson’s 160th birthday”, as if he was still alive.
I started to wonder if this was strictly appropriate, but then I quickly remembered something I once heard said as part of a tribute to someone who had recently passed – whether it was in fiction or a real person I remember not, but that’s irrelevant. The speaker said that a person’s life wasn’t truly over until the effects of their having lived were no longer felt. That’s a lovely sentiment, and one not without some significant truth to it.

So long live Robert Louis Stevenson, I say, and the same goes for every other magnificent bastard who ever did something to make the world a better place.

And let’s all of us maybe try to live our lives such that we may be perhaps counted as a magnificent bastard one day ourselves.

  1. I have noticed that a lot of people do that… say “..if {insert name here} would be {x} years old tomorrow – if they were still alive.”

    While I can understand people being attached to family members or famous people and continue to add a year each year even after death, that person still was only as old as they were when they died. I consider it to be more practical to recognise the birthday and remember them for what they were and not what they would be.

    Of course, I recall when I was younger the comments going around about having children and that they are your legacy. My opinion is that they are what you are remembered for if you achieve nothing else in life.

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