On blogs, bloggers, blogging, bloggest.

Posted: 05/04/2010 in General

I don’t like reading blogs. They somehow fail to hold my attention. Quite apart from the fact I was an A.D.D. child, those that aren’t simply too long often present to me as the esoteric ventings of it-doesn’t-matter-how-minor zealots of one kind or another, pushing their own petty squealbarrow for all they’re worth. I abhor the apparent inherent narcissism with which I so automatically imbue so many of them. And yet….there are some out there well worth reading. Some of them lack all of the vile elements that plague the paradigm. This, of course, has to be the case. Without these exceptions, blogging would have degenerated to the one-sided talkback-radio-in-print it would have been destined to be without rescue from the net literati. And I doff my hat to them by, let’s face it, failing to shut up and going to bed when that is precisely what I should have done.

This of course is my inaugural blog post. Following the root of the word in an effort to make a lame joke, I hope this inaugers well for the future. I have thus far avoided blogging, rather easily as it turned out, because in order to believe the contents of the first paragraph, one would have to be a rank hypocrite to then take up the keyboard and sally forth. What temerity, to assume that anyone would bother to spend any mental-or-otherwise CPU cycles on what are essentially my un-vetted, certainly vain thoughts, posted for reasons lacking both objectivity and basis in The Public Good.

However, having joined Twitter a ways back and finding it a good forum for concise & focussed thoughts, there are times when issues strike me as needing more than 140 characters worth of treatment. Some serious, some not so much. Hence my culpable hypocrisy.

Nonetheless. This blog promises to be irregular in timing and length, varied in subject, and definite in its intent in any particular instance. I have no cool emotional problems with which I will deign to enthrall you, so rest easy on that point. There is a chance it may be funny, however this is something that people who know me may choose to contend. Which is why I am not giving them the URL. Whilst I intend to keep things mercifully brief in relative terms, I have been known to run off at the keyboard, hence there might be times when a nice cup of tea and a bikkie are requisite to reading it, should you deign to do so at all. I like writing, and I may indulge myself overmuch on occasion. For this I would truly like to be sorry. However.

I welcome all comments of every colour. I find profanity in this context rather pointless but value the candour it intimates.

And now to think of a signoff catchcry. Nothing springs to mind, so perhaps some sort of esoteric venting might be in order. We shall see.

  1. HaggisMcT says:

    You know, an iPad would be perfect for blogging on the lounge 🙂


    Btw, “We shall see.” is as good as any signoff I can think of. You should adopt it. Hey, you gave birth to it, no need to adopt!…

  2. Duncan says:

    Try writing about prunes – that should keep you regular. However, an admirable start: honest, self-deprecating and a pleasing arrangement of wholesome, high-fibre words.

  3. LV says:

    Bravo! I am very happy to have stumbled across your blog and will be happy to stumble across it again soon.

  4. Lucinda says:

    Dogs, blogs and great doggerels…are best served with a smile and yours make me smile. tnx

  5. Sherryl says:

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